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NAME: Altair Gottesdiener (Altair: A star from the constellation ‘Aquila’ ‘Gottesdiener’ is a common Jewish surname.)

JAPANESE NAME: アルタイル ごテスぢねる

AGE: No official age given. (but the fan age may be 15)

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 168cm

EYE COLOR: brown


BIRTHDAY: December 21

LIKES: Science Fiction, Astrology, Astronomy, Space

DISLIKES: Sour food, Math, Long quizes, being called Chibi

PERSONALITY: Altair is sometimes a mean and sarcastic person. But most of the time, she is really kind and nice.


CREATOR: Vanadium Tendo  (Thiazi Asgardur Harksen)

VOICE ACTRESS: Vanadium Tendo (Thiazi Asgardur Harksen)


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