How to Install Altair Gottesdiener

altair gottesdiener synth

This is a tutorial of how to install Altair in your computer:

1. Once you have downloaded Altair G., you will need to unzip the folder.

2. Drag the unzipped folder of the voicebank to the “C” disk in your computer.

3. Keep scrolling until you find the ‘UTAU’ folder.

4. Then drag it to the UTAU folder.

5. Then there you go! You are ready to use it! And when you open UTAU, and you see Altair Gottesdiener appear on the top, then that means you can now make her sing.

NOTE: You are going to need the program ‘UTAU’ in order to download Altair.

Or if you don’t have UTAU in your computer, then here’s the official download page


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