How to use AG voicebank

Alright! Let’s make Altair sing!

1. Altair’s voice library is temporarily in Japanese only. So therefore the supported format of it is Hiragana and Romaji. So therefore you can’t yet make her sing in English until her English voicebank is released. Just kidding! You can make her sing in English if only you used her English voicebank! Okay! So please be ready! First you are going to highlight the notes. (You’ll need to import a MIDI file for that)

2. Type the lyrics (But only Japanese syllables).

3. Press the “play” button

4. And now you can listen to her sing what ever song you are trying to make her sing.


English using Japanese syllables:

You can even make Altair sing in English with only Japanese syllables. Just do like this:

For example: Love- Ra (bu) You- Yu

Japanese don’t really say ‘L’ so just replace the “L” with “R”

But don’t worry because Altair can speak English fluently without any accent. She is smart and she has unlimited brain capacity. JUST A REMINDER: Altair is a genius.


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